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Support Coordination

Support Coordination Services at Open Door Living Association consists of Case Management, Wraparound Services and Advocacy. 

Case Management 

Case management at Open Door Living involves a comprehensive process of collaborative assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination. Our primary goal is to facilitate services and outcomes which meet individual and family health care needs.  

Wraparound Services 

Wraparound Service refer to the coordinated efforts between multiple service providers enacted in agreement to create and improve access and quality of care for client. Open Door's client-driven coordinated system is designed to identify client strengths while simultaneously mitigating potential crises and promoting stability and continuity of care. 

Parent Advocacy

As a Parent Advocate our role is to provide quality support services, training, and case management to aid parents in meeting the needs of their children. The purpose of Parent Advocacy is empower parents with the tools needed to strengthen their role and ability to promote positive outcomes related to their child’s education, wellbeing and development.  

Support Enhancement 

By identifying, creating, and coordinating supports and services we are able to assist individuals or families in accessing sustainable, long term support. At Open Door Living the focus is enhancing the clients' existing support systems as well as facilitating the process of discovering new formal and informal means of support.

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